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Lake Bogoria National Reserve Kenya

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Flamingo Conservation Rift Valley

Flamingo Conservation Rift Valley is a grassroots conservation organisation aiming to save the wildlife in Lake Bogoria National Reserve, Kenya from human induced threats. 

The lake is one of the great African wildlife spectacles, with over a million pink Lesser flamingos. It is a World Heritage Site and a RAMSAR Wetland of International Importance. 

The Lake now holds the most significant and accessible population of Lesser flamingos in the East African chain of soda lakes. 

Tragically, Lake Nakuru is now so polluted that the flamingos have not visited the lake since 2012.

This environmental disaster makes the work of Flamingo Conservation Rift Valley even more important. 

Responsible and Sustainable Eco-tourism

Flamingo Conservation Rift Valley has created a Public Private Partnership (PPP) between the Endorois Community (that live outside the Lake Bogoria National Reserve), the Baringo County Government (that manage the Reserve) and Lake Bogoria Hotel & Spa Resort (situated by the entrance to the Reserve). 

Flamingo Conservation Rift Valley educates and raises awareness of the flamingos at Lake Bogoria and aims to create a much more responsible and sustainable eco-tourism model.

All parties in the PPP recognise the need to conserve the Lake from uncontrolled human disturbance and is increasing resources available for law enforcement, amending regulations pertaining to human disturbance and significantly increasing the reserve's revenue share to the Endorois community.

Programme 2017/18

The Lake Bogoria Hotel & Spa Resort is the HQ for Flamingo Conservation Rift Valley.

With the support of the Hotel, a state-of-the-art Education Centre will be created there.

Information leaflets about the Reserve, Regulations and Wildlife (to be translated into Chinese and other languages) will be distributed by the Hotel.

Two (Endorois community) full time Conservation Officers will be on duty at the Hotel to educate visitors and be additional guides to the Reserve.


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